Role: Co-Director

Meet Mrs: an old lady who goes into outer space in search of her orgasm. Isn’t that where all orgasms go?

Her quest is sparked by three encounters: a young neighbour who discloses a secret, an old friend who reveals she is intersex, and a would-be lesbian lover in a launderette who offers Mrs two drops of her own pressed lavender and a smile that says, ‘I handle delicates with care’. 

Told through one woman and a live DJ, with projected animation, STARS is a moving and joyful, sensitive yet funny, Afrofuturist odyssey.

Photography: Ali Wright

OFFIEs Award Winner:
Best New Play 2024

thorough and taut … Co-directors Babb and Wray hold the writing with intelligence and care” ★★★★★

The Stage JN Benjamin, April 2023

STARS sets itself apart by being a true marriage of multiple mediums” ★★★★★

All That Dazzles Sam Waite, April 2023

A gold-plated, Afrofuturist barnstormer” ★★★★★

To Do List Stuart Wilson, April 2023

a joy: funny, imaginative,
pointedly political” ★★★★

The Times Donald Hutera, April 2023

Team Credits:

Writer: Mojisola Adebayo, Co-Directors: Gail Babb & S. Ama Wray, Designer: Miriam Nabarro, Lighting Designer: Nao Nagai, Animation Artist: Candice Purwin, Music Direction + DJ Mixes: Debo Adebayo, Creative Captions: Stephen Lloyd, Video Consultant: Gillian Tan, Costume Associate: Maariyah Sharjil, Production Therapist: Dawn Estefan, Production Managers: James Dawson & Josephine Tremelling, Company Stage Manager: Alison Pottinger, Technical Stage Managers: Stuart Glover & Simon Perkins, Producers: Tamasha & Institute of Contemporary Arts

Cast: Debra Michaels, Bradley Charles